Segovia Relocation Services was founded in 2013 by Cristina Gómez Zuriaga, who currently lives and works in the city. Cristina worked for many years in television in Spain, England, France and the USA. In recent years she has been living in Brazil where she became a successful artist. Now she is back in Spain where she has just opened a boutique hotel in the countryside near Segovia.

"That  was when I realised how international Segovia has became in the last few years, particularly through having a top level university like IE and that is what gave me the idea of working in relocation, especially with students. I have always enjoyed meeting people from different cultures and from my own experience of living abroad I know how much advice you need when you move. I love the idea of supporting people and helping them to feel at home in my country; I was able to do this for people when I was living in Madrid, London, Paris or Sao Paulo!"